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PostSubject: [SVOP]Rules   [SVOP]Rules Icon_minitimeThu Aug 27, 2009 5:55 am

Post when you play and what maps. Also the clan is now open you may apply there.

These are the following things that may qualify you to join the SVOP clan, but you must have all of these to begin with.

1.) Must not be a member of any other clan. Although I know some of you are, ive checked, and you havnt used it in quite awhile.

2.) Must play at least once a week. If you cant, please post or inform someone for any reason, as to not be deemed inactive.

3.) Must be aware of stat point system.

4.) Must be a decent player

5.) Must be respectful to current members

6.) Must be recommended by at least 5 SVOP members, or by me.

7.) Always has to be checked. Meaning, I have to watch the player play.

8.) Most importantly, not a haxor.

We are currently recruiting. Apply now.
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